I purchased my wedding dress at Lily's Bridal a few months ago (my wedding was last Saturday, July 23), and I could not be happier. Everything from start to finish was so great!

A little background - I had a short engagement and started dress shopping about 4 months before the wedding. I tried on dresses at Glamour Closet, then David's Bridal, before coming to Lily's. Glamour Closet had great selection and nice quality dresses but was just a bit out of my price range of $1,000. David's Bridal was kind of disappointing; their selection was ok, quality is meh, and I thought they were somewhat pricey. And not sure if this happens to everyone but in my case they kind of pressured me to buy something right then. 

So after David's I was panicking a little and I knew I didn't have a ton of time. I went to Lily's and when we walked in we all kinda thought there wasn't much selection; the place is somewhat small. But I started trying on dresses and I loved everything I tried on! I think I tried on about 7 dresses and had a hard time deciding because they were all so beautiful! 

The prices were just right - I ended up paying a few hundred less than my budget and that included alterations and a beautiful sash! (I got a discount for paying cash.)

The woman who assisted me - Jaqueline - was just terrific. So sweet, helpful, patient, friendly and no pressure whatsoever. I told her my wedding date thinking she might chastise me for only allowing 4 months, but she assured me I had plenty of time. She made everything so easy! And she altered that dress like the pro that she is!

I love my dress, Jaqueline and all the good hard-working folks at Lily's Bridal!Type your paragraph here.

Amanda J.


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Not only did my sister find the dress of her dreams (at an extremely reasonable price!), but we also got our bridesmaids dresses here. I want to say I have spent what seems like every other weekend here, looking for her dress, deciding on our dresses, bringing in the other bridesmaids to try theirs on, having my sister do her fitting, but seriously, every time we go the service is always the same, stellar and accommodating. They carry a wide variety of dresses and designers in every beautiful color imaginable. The staff is very well versed in all things bridal and are not in the business in up selling you on things you don't need. There are plenty of fitting rooms and there are couches to sit on while you wait for your friends to try on their dresses. They will rush order things if you're on a tight deadline and will call you to follow up on the status of orders. Overall I have had a great experience here and am so happy to be supporting a local business! (PS, they have a pre black Friday sale!  My sister got an incredible discount on a GORGEOUS dress just a little tip for all you planners ahead types ;) )

Desiree K.


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My sister got married 3 years ago and she bought her gown at Lily's! The experience at Lily's was above and beyond and I knew that for my wedding dress it had to be Lily's bridal. Just by telling Lily what kind of dress I wanted she picked out "the ONE" I was beyond happy and exited with the choice that she picked for me! It was exactly what I had wanted. Lily is an expert just by looking at you she can match you with the perfect dress for you! I highly recommend Lily's Bridal to anyone in search of the "Perfect" dress. Great service, great hospitality, competitive prices and very friendly!

Ruth B.